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15 October 2011

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Tournament Finals Results


Iceman, who traveled all the way to Utah from his home in Wisconsin, battled it out with GEEX defending champion and Utah native Fallout in an incredible contest featuring rounds that ended sometimes with milliseconds making the difference.

Iceman pulled out the victory and dethroned the two-time winner Fallout, laying claim to the $2800 gaming laptop sponsored by Intel and Ubisoft. Fallout and Kawa went home with a brand new boxed i7-2600k processor from Intel; and we congratulate them on their fine performances.

Two of our competitors, Iceman and nicknacknob flew in from out-of-state. We were grateful to have you here. We hope you enjoyed your stay and your experience at GEEX!

We missed a few players that weren't able to make it... Anxiety (Canada), Besus (Texas), Alderon42 (Utah), and macduffman (Ohio). The missing contestants' slots were filled in by NapTime, SpeedMonger, ronnation and Thundr (all from Utah.)

We had a great time at GEEX and thank Ubisoft, Intel and MediaOne for making this awesome tournament a reality.

I personally wish to also thank ATP Havoc, Dengel, Eyebo, GanjaRider, LineAddict, NitroGuy, smok3y, sol666 and tmjonas, some of the greatest TrackManiacs around the world, for building the tracks for our finals (and some of our prelims!)

Great job to all contestants!  We hope to see more tournaments like this start to emerge across the entire United States and again thank Ubisoft and Intel for sponsoring our tournament and prizes.

14 October 2011

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Tournament Finalists and Prize Updates

Some our finalists unfortunately had to cancel their plans to compete in our GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Finals.  We had to fill 4 slots and are happy to announce the final lineup of competitors (in order or ranking):


We wish everyone the best of luck in the competition.

The Intel sponsored tournament PCs are running Intel i7 3.3GHz processors and NVIDIA GTX570 video cards in them!  Needless to say, TrackMania 2 settings are maxed out and ready to show off.  :)

Intel came in with another win by upgrading our prizes from boxed i5 processors to boxed i7-2600k processors!  We've been extremely fortunate to have Ubisoft and Intel co-sponsoring our GEEX TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament and want to thank them profusely again for everything they've done to make this tournament great.

See you all at GEEX tomorrow night for the exciting TM2 showdown!

Remember, if you can't attend the event in-person, watch the live stream from GEEX tomorrow night!

11 October 2011

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Finals - Track Pack Available Now!

After several months of collaboration with some of the best track authors around the world in the TrackMania community, I'm proud to present the GEEX 2011 Finals track pack.  (Download and extract to your "My Documents" folder ... it will put the right files in the right places.)

It is a well-rounded mix of many of the track styles available in TrackMania.

This pack is extra special; made with TrackManiac passion by the following authors:

ATP Havoc

Now, I have to say something.  These track authors are some of the finest people I've ever met.  I have loved playing their tracks over the years, and I am honored that they were willing to help make this tournament a success, by granting their talents to designing tracks specifically for the GEEX tournament.  These incredible tracks really show off the different aspects of TrackMania that make it great and each author has a style all their own.  You'll enjoy racing their tracks even if you're not in the tournament!

I have become friends with each of them over the past several months, and some of us even enjoyed watching the prelims together on the Team FNG Mumble server.  All of these extraordinary people voluntarily took a lot of time out of their busy schedules to make this a reality, and I want to publicly thank each of them for their participation.

TrackMania is a fantastic game on its own, but what really makes it stand out as the best racing game in the world is the community that powers it, and these authors are a testament to how great the community is.  You'll see it in their tracks.

I wish you all could be here in Utah with us Friday.  Some of the authors will be watching the stream, and if you're lucky, you can chat with them in the Twitch.tv chat room (Eyebo was kind enough to participate some there during the prelims... thanks Eyebo!)

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Prelims
Competitors take flight on the epic jump which starts the
Tortilla Chip Raceway

Not only have these incredible authors packed their tracks with awesomeness, but they've added a special touch... GEEX billboards in each of the tracks, custom intros, outros and podium blocks.

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Finals
"Life Elevated"

Combined, it's going to make the GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Tournament Finals an incredible production at this Friday as our 10 finalists compete for a $2800 Gaming Laptop and some sweet Intel i5 processors; courtesy of Ubisoft and Intel

The outros make for some incredible replay cams that will be broadcast on the big screen and streamed on the internet, shoutcast by GEEX own LeGrande Jolley (GXRoyale) -- who did a fantastic job streaming our preliminary tournament last Friday.

Those that can attend GEEX, come watch our skilled finalists drive their hearts out as they compete for the laptop!  We will have some TrackMania 2 Canyon t-shirts to give away so be sure to be in the audience during the finals!

GEEX 2011 
TrackMania 2 Canyon Finals
South Towne Expo Center
Sandy, Utah
14 October 2011

Those that can't be with us locally, be sure to catch the stream online and cheer on your favorite competitors!

07 October 2011

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Preliminary Results


We had an awesome time with our GEEX 2011 prelims for TrackMania 2 Canyon tonight.
The competition was intense and the wrecks on "In Dust We Trust" were very entertaining.  :)

We congratulate all who played and thank everyone for being good sports.  We're looking forward to an intense and exciting competition in one week on the GEEX tournament stage in Sandy, Utah.

Finals maps will be posted tomorrow night and we will be setting up our GEEX server with those maps for all to come play; and more importantly, for our finalists to practice.  Come race with them.

Royale did a great job streaming our tournament and we wish to thank him for sharing his time and talents with us to make the tournament available for those that wished to cheer on their favorite racers, and to introduce this wonderful game to many who had never heard of it.

I'm excited to reveal the finals maps... Stay tuned for tomorrow!

GG!  And good luck to all GEEX finalists!

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Tournament Registration Closed - Good luck competitors!

Registration is now closed for the GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament, sponsored by Ubisoft and Intel. Team FNG wishes the best of luck to the 25 official competitors from around the United States:

droodski        : Yorba Linda, CA  
StarBazer       : Miami, FL  
jeffreylb94     : newborn, GA  
Keenny_v3       : Tbilisi, GA  
1D3R            : dillonvale, OH  
MacDuffman      : Niles, OH  
Anxiety         : London, ON  
nicknacknob     : Portland, OR  
besus           : Cedar Creek, TX  
Fallout         : Clinton, UT  
KOFSKawa        : Kearns, UT  
LilRobot        : Layton, UT  
dGamefather     : Riverton, UT  
rudoneyet       : salt lake city, UT  
RonNation       : Salt Lake City, UT  
Staiinless      : Salt Lake City, UT  
FNG_EnderWiggen : South Jordan, UT 
NapTime         : South Jordan, UT  
SpeedMonger     : South Jordan, UT  
DirtyD          : St. George, UT  
ALDERON42       : Taylorsville, UT  
Wholly          : Taylorsville, UT  
DeadlyBobble    : West Jordan, UT  
Thundr          : West Jordan, UT  
Iceman          : Madison, WI  

This is the first offical TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament since its release on 14 September 2011.

Remember that the preliminaries happen tonight at 9:00pm Mountain time and will be streamed on the GEEX website. Go watch and cheer on your favorite racers!

Make sure you're there for smok3y's track "In Dust We Trust" -- it's sure not to disappoint.  Those of you that have raced it know what I'm talking about.  :)

Good luck TrackManiacs and GG!

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon Tournament Internet Stream

I'm pleased to announce that GEEX will be streaming both the preliminary and final competitions of the 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament!

Watch the tournament

Prelims: tonight at 9:00pm Mountain time
Finals: Friday 14 October 2011 at 6:00pm Mountain time

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Tournament open to legal Canada residents

We have received official word (sorry it's so late!) that legal Canadian residents are allowed to participate in our tournament.  Unfortunately there are only 2.5 hours left before registration for the tournament is stopped, but we welcome Anxiety of the ESL as one of our participants.

The official rules have been updated to reflect the change.

Good luck all!  We'll see you tonight at the GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon preliminaries.

03 October 2011

GEEX 2011 - TrackMania 2 Canyon - 1st Prize Laptop Specs Revealed

Hey all!
I got official word back about the specs for the 1st Prize custom gaming laptop!

Customized shell with GEEX 2011 and TrackMania 2 Canyon logos
1920 x 1080 15.6" LED Backlit Glossy LCD Screen
2GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 6970M
Intel Core i7-2720QM Quad-Core Processor (2.20GHz), 6MB Cache
8GB Kingston HyperX Dual-Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 2 X 4GB
250GB Intel 510 Series(Elm Crest) - Solid State Drive
6X Blu-ray Reader/8X DVD+/-R/2.4X +DL Super-Multi Drive with Power DVD 7
Integrated High-Definition Audio with 4 Channel support
Intel PRO Wireless Advanced-N 6230 + BT Wireless LAN Combo Module - up to 320Mbps -
Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Video Camera
Windows 7 Home Premium

The laptop retails around $2800.00 so it's definitely a prize worth signing up for!  :)

I'm not sure which boxed i5 processors 2nd and 3rd place will receive, but they'll be worth it as well.

Register for the tournament today (if you haven't already!) 

Entry is free, but you must sign up before 07 October 2011 5:00pm (Mountain).

The top 10 after the prelims will be invited to compete in the finals on the GEEX tournament stage on 14 October in Sandy, Utah (finalists are responsible for any travel/lodging/food/etc expenses.)

We again express much thanks to Ubisoft and Intel who are sponsoring our tournament.