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24 July 2014

ARK Racing Presents the Cyprus Cup - August 2014

Last November during our TrackMania 10th LANniversary Celebrat10n party, we had an epic online tournament spanning all of the TrackMania environments.  Some of the ARK racing team participated in that tournament.

Now, for nearly the entire month of August, the ARK Racing team proudly presents the Cyprus Cup.  Each weekend in August they will be racing 3 maps in Time Attack mode in the TrackMania 2 Canyon environment.  120,000 planets will be awarded in this competition; the breakdown can be found below.

Full details can be found at the ARK Racing website.

17 July 2014

A Note to Steam ManiaPlanet Players

I'm so glad we have seen a huge influx of player in the world of ManiaPlanet in the last 72 hours, thanks to an incredible Steam sale titled, "From Paris, With Games."

The sale found TrackMania 2: Stadium marked down to $2.49 USD.  Within 3 days, our Team FNG servers have seen over 2000 new players, many of which I had the pleasure of meeting and helping them learn about the epic awesome that is TrackMania.  Our ShootMania Royal server also found some new friends as its price dropped to $4.99 USD.

With the excitement building around TrackMania 2 Stadium, new Steam players have also been investigating and adding Canyon and Valley to their collections.  By now many have come to find a slight frustration with the Steam version of ManiaPlanet where they have to dump out to Steam to switch game titles.

Good news!  You can download a standalone ManiaPlanet installer and use your ManiaPlanet account in it to play all titles without leaving the application!  You also get access to the "Universal Demo" which allows you to play any ManiaPlanet game title, whether you own it or not.  If you don't own it, it will be unrestricted for 48 hours, then 1 hour/day (more if less than 100 players are in the title playing.)

I have confirmed with Nadeo that, due to limitations in the Steam version, the Universal Demo is only available in the standalone ManiaPlanet.

Please see the official Friday Night Gamers website for full details on why and how to get the standalone ManiaPlanet installer.

See you at the races!