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23 February 2012

TrackMania 2 Canyon: USA Car Skin Unveiled

CORRECTION: I talked with my friend at Ubisoft and was informed that it's the TrackMania facebook page that needs 100k fans... not the photo itself!  And you'll be happy to know that the page itself has 70,000+ "likes" already, so we're almost there!

So click the link above, not the link below...


Ubisoft today unveiled a new USA car skin that TrackMania creator NADEO created for the game.  They said if 100,000 people "like" the photo by 04 March 2012, they will release the car skin free in the game.

It already has 100 likes from those that keep up with the RSS feed... will it reach 100k in a week-and-a-half?  Time will tell.

If you like what you see... go hit the facebook page and click the Like button!

14 February 2012

Dungeon Defenders - $2.99 on Amazon (digital download)

For those of you that experienced the fun of Dungeon Defenders, wait no longer.

The game is only $2.99 right now on Amazon.com; and there is some free-for-a-limited-time Valentines Day DLC released today called "Etherian Festival of Love."

Go forth, adventurer!

09 February 2012

A&G '12 TM2 Open Semifinals Results Posted

"SmellOfTires" map: Synchronized Ski-Mode

"WHIPLASH" map: All Group 1 racers

Well, the semifinals were a blast; and thankfully went off smooth, unlike the prelims.  There was some close racing in both groups.  I wasn't much competition, but was happy taking 5th place, only 2 points between Dr.Rock and Anxiety who were tied for 3rd and 4th.  It was a pleasure and an honor racing alongside these pros and cool guys.

I was the outsider, pitted against six racers from team AMP (Amplified Gaming).  They were all very cool and we had a great time.

My TournaMania app performed well and successfully tracked both groups semifinal rounds.

Group 1 saw Laurens and Anxiety fighting neck-and-neck nearly the entire round, but Laurens clinched each map in the end, sweeping the scoreboard and securing his victory.

Laurens, Anxiety, Demko and Dr Rock from the AMP team are the finalists from Group 1.

Group 2 had equally exciting racing, with Iceman and FrostBeule duking it out for 1st place.  Supra gave some fierce compeition as well.

Iceman, FrostBeule, Supra and Besus are the finalists from Group 2.

See the full results at the link near the top of this article.

I would again like to thank Macduffman and Anxiety for organizing this tournament... the 2nd official TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament in the USA; and would also like to thank Ubisoft and Intel for their support.

I would also like to thank FNG_Thundr for his support spectating me while I played my semifinal round.  He provided the two fun screenshots in this article.  Hopefully Team FNG can run the A&G tracks in our own tournament at our next LAN party or sometime online.

I wish all of the finalists the best of luck.  Many of the finalists hail from other countries, so I also wish them success getting travel arranged to visit Ohio for the finals in March.  It is guaranteed to be an exciting set of races.

Maps are being custom built by top-notch TrackMania track authors from the TM community.  I'm excited to see them.  They will be released closer to finals time (a week or so before the event.)

GG all.  Let's do it again sometime!