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29 August 2011

Valve and DRM - They "get it" and that's why they're winning.

Kotaku posted an article today with selections from an interview with Gabe Newell (Valve) discussing piracy and Valve's plans for the future. I'll include a few quotes, then link to the article below.

" 'We're a broken record on this,' Newell told me, 'This belief that you increase your monetization by making your game worth less through aggressive digital rights management is totally backwards . It's a service issue, not a technology issue. Piracy is just not an issue for us.' "

"But when Valve looked into what was going on there [Russia] they saw that the pirates were doing a better job of localizing games then the publishers were."

" 'They best way to fight piracy is to create a service that people need,' he said. 'I think (publishers with strict DRM) will sell less of their products and create more problems.' "

" 'Customers want to know everything is going to be there for them no matter what: Their saved games and configurations will be there. They don't want any uncertainty.' "

Thank you, Gabe Newell & Valve, for understanding your customers.

25 August 2011

GameSpot Exclusive TrackMania 2 Canyon Trailer

I couldn't get a better link to this, but here's trying anyway.
Another cool trailer for TrackMania 2 Canyon. Enjoy!

18 August 2011

Ubisoft lied about From Dust DRM

So, more reason to despise Ubisoft. Ubisoft originally stated that "From Dust" would require a one-time activation with your game/cd-key.

One of the original posts:
"We are aware of some confusion over the inclusion of DRM in the release of From Dust on PC.
To prevent any on-going confusion we would like to clarify From Dust PC will release with DRM requiring a one-time only online activation. After which you will be able to play the game offline.
We hope this clears any outstanding confusion on the matter
With thanks"
However, now that the game has been released, people have found that is not the case, and an internet connection is required EVERY time you run the game. In addition, the game is capped at 30 fps, and no cutscreens can be skipped. Apparently, after it does this DRM check with Ubisoft's servers, you can disconnect or lose connection and not get booted from the game. This is only a slight improvement over their "always on" DRM they'd used in prior games. After complaints started rolling in, Ubisoft went back posted a new one that says,
"Due to the recent confusion over the type of DRM used in From Dust:
Please find the following detailed explanation of the type of DRM used.
'From Dust' requires an internet connection when you start the game.
Make sure you are connected to the internet when you attempt to start the game.
After you have signed in and the game is running, you no longer need the internet connection for that session and can disconnect and play offline you so wish."
Due to user complaints, Ubisoft did remove the "always online" component of the new Driver: San Francisco, however all reports are that this game will use a similar system where a connection is required at every game boot. At least with Driver we know ahead of time, and they didn't flat-out lie like they did with From Dust.

12 August 2011

TrackMania 2 Canyon Release Date Announced

Check out what I saw when I launched TrackMania United Forever today:
(Click the image to see full size.)

Remember, if you pre-order on 17 August, you get to play early as part of the massive multiplayer beta!
And we'll get the full game on 14 September 2011!

TrackMania 2 Canyon
14 September 2011

10 August 2011

TrackMania 2 Canyon beta: Want in?! Preorder!!!

TrackMania² Canyon
Want a little of this?!

NADEO announced today on their ManiaPlanet blog that all players that pre-order TrackMania 2 Canyon, starting 17 August, will be allowed into the Multiplayer beta.

They even provide a widget you can install on your computer so you don't forget (yeah, right) to go download it the second it's available.

I'm not sure if the pre-order opens on 17 August, or if they'll start before and the download won't be available until then, or how they'll do it... but this is incredible news for those that want in early.

GG Nadeo!

09 August 2011

Not Excited About TrackMania 2 Canyon Yet? You Will Be...

Watch in HD on YouTube
Or... watch on TMTube - the premier spot for all TrackMania videos!

This is one of the best videos I've seen so far -- made by SiH13 from the TrackMania Community... and mind you, this is during the BETA!

I can't wait to see what comes after the game's release!

(Many are saying this should be an official trailer... I'd have to agree.)

GG, SiH13!!!