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05 July 2013

TrackMania² Valley: Ninja Jumps

Download the original AVI

The video above is a fun reminder of one of the major reasons I fell in love with TrackMania... transition jumps that the Friday Night Gamers endearingly refer to as "Ninja Jumps".

Best.  Game.  Ever.

02 July 2013

TrackMania 2 Canyon Video - [PF] ///ADRENALINE (Trailer)

The car skin used in FunZack11's video trailer of his upcoming track "[PF] ///ADRENALINE" for TrackMania 2 Canyon bears an uncanny resemblance to the Island car from TrackMania Sunrise and United.

After seeing this fun video I say, "Nadeo, bring on TrackMania 2: Island!"  :)


DISCLAIMER: Nadeo has not made any announcements about Island or a similar environment being brought to the ManiaPlanet family, but it would sure be cool.