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31 October 2012

2012 Turkey Bowl Track Pack Revealed

Announcing the 2012 Turkey Bowl Track Pack
that will be used for our casual tournament at the
LAN party in November...

Download to:
[[My Documents]]\ManiaPlanet\Maps\Downloaded
... and run/extract to that path.

Once finished, launch the game and you will find when you browse to a map to play, there is the following folder structure:
"Downloaded/FNG/LAN Parties/2012-11 Turkey Bowl"

There are 7 tracks in the pack.
Grand Canyon (Mikealange): 
This map has a fun mix of skinny roads, fun transitions and wide-open drift turns (180-degrees).  The jump transition from the tunnel to the dirt-drift is awesome, but a nemesis at the same time.

Celcius (dip-low):
This track is for curve-huggers everywhere.  It is a SpeedTech map that begs the driver to get as close to the walls as possible to make the turn-to-chicane transitions.  It has a really nice flow and very enjoyable.

Constellation (eyebo): 
Eyebo has a gift for making tracks that force you to learn the intricacies of the TrackMania car's handling.  Constellation is no exception.  As an added bonus, it is a night map with some pretty visuals.

Head $hot (smok3y): 
smok3y never disappoints.  This track could very well be considered a spiritual successor to Tiger Blood by GanjaRider.  This track is a full-speeder, and should be exciting for close times for those that give it some practice.

If you enjoy Chillies, you should also enjoy this SpeedTech map.  OLDA_X has a unique style of track building and it shows in Sting.

A&G '12 - GRid (GanjaRider): 
This map, true to GanjaRider style, is a wicked fast full-speed map, with some scary intimidating turns that appear at first to not be no-slideable, but if you crank and commit, you'll take them and enjoy every second of it.

Let the Wookie win! (HansHolo): 
This map is a hoot.  Riddled with dirt sections, this map will test your drift/control capabilities.

This Friday's FNG will see our Team FNG: Time Attack server set to this track pack.  We will do a practice session and you can try to set local records to see where you might land in the competition on 09 November.

Download away, so you can practice before Friday if you have time.  Come back and comment on this post and let us know how you like the selection.  What is your favorite track?  Which one is your most challenging?

See you Friday!