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29 August 2009

That One Guy finally conquers Toxic's Machkeu Basin fastest lap record!

After more than a year of trying to conquer Toxic's (Dave Holland) fastest lap on Machkeu Basin, my day of glory hath finally arrived!

This is quite a funny story, actually. Thundr and I had been playing TrackMania Nations Forever with a couple of new FNGers, "Shartke" and "angus4ever". We had a ball, but the time came for the two to head out.

Thundr and I decided to change games to Motocross Madness 2 (MCM2) for a while before retiring to bed as well.

We raced a warm-up lap on Mosquito Hill and could definitely feel the rust factor (it probably didn't help that we'd just come from TrackMania and had to compensate for that.)

Anyway, Thundr and I decided to race Machkeu Basin, an FNG favorite. It started as a very casual race, with us chatting about various things going on in our lives, and me starting to nod off due to much sleep deprivation.

Despite that, my second lap on Machkeu felt really fast and very smooth. Out of curiosity I told Thundr I wondered if I had beaten Toxic's old record.

Now, try as I might for over a year, I couldn't touch his record... trying intently with all resources intact; so you can imagine how I almost wet myself when I looked up our site and saw that I really DID beat Toxic's record! And not just by .02 or .01 seconds, but 0.5 seconds! That's right, a half-second faster.

Toxic's old record was: 55.58 seconds
My new record is: 55.08 seconds

The proof is in the images below. So Toxic, my friend, consider the gauntlet thrown. I'm back in the saddle for Machkeu; are you up to the challenge?!!? muhahahaha! (Click the images to see the time in the top-left corner of the image.)

(Below: My 55.08 time)

That One Machkeu Basin Champ

(Below: Toxic's 55.58 time)
Toxic getting 55.58

So Toxic, time for you to bring it. I triple-dog-dare you to beat that record. :)

15 August 2009

TrackMania United Forever - $19.99 through Focus Home Interactive

http://www.trackmania.com/index.php?id=223&lang=en&rub=news_info Steam recently had a TrackMania United sale that I didn't get a chance to get on here and announce. The time for that has past, but Focus/Metaboli are still allowing their digital download for $19.99!

Before, this used Starforce for activation and you were limited to 3 activations; after that you were required to contact Metaboli for a new serial key (or to reset your serial key.) For some it proved to be a hassle, but I ended up having to do it and I had a reply within a couple of days, and they got me hooked up with more activations fine... It wasn't the most convenient mechanism, but it worked.

So if you're interested in obtaining a copy through this channel, feel free... It's an incredible game!