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28 February 2015

A Nice Postcard from the Frag Dolls & Best Wishes for Pixxel and Sabre

My family and I received this nice postcard from the Frag Dolls today.  

As many of you know, I met some of the Frag Dolls at PAX Prime in 2012 and have been a part of a couple of fun projects with them since, including the ShootMania Launch Party (twitch stream [about 3 hours in]), the TrackMania 10th LANniversary (twitch stream [entire stream]) and a "Dolls n' Devs - ShootMania Storm - Interview with [my good friend] Edouard Beauchemin" [around 45 minutes in; but the best part happens at a timestamp that results in an error on twitch *sad face*].

We have really enjoyed out experiences with the Frag Dolls and wish them continued success in their endeavors.  We're thankful for your support in our events too, and we are still going to hold you to a ShootMania Royal match on our servers in the future!  Thanks for the postcard, Siren!!!

In other news... a couple of months after the sad announcement that our friend Pixxel was leaving the Frag Dolls, we learned this week that Sabre is also leaving the Frag Dolls and they both left touching videos for the fans.

Thanks for all the fun Pixxel!  Even though you handed it to me several times in ShootMania we still love ya.  ^_^  We will miss you and hope your new adventures rock!  We still want you a part of our Team FNG vs the Frag Dolls ShootMania Royal match in the future.

You are awesome Kim!  We hope your new adventures at Ubisoft as Associate Producer are epic and our best wishes go with you.  You're still on the hook to come play ShootMania Royal with the rest of the Frag Dolls with the Friday Night Gamers, don't think this change gets you out of it!  ;)

Good game to all of our Frag Dolls friends!  Lots of love from the Friday Night Gamers.