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24 September 2008

PURE HD Screenshots

PURE Adrenaline, PURE Fun, PURE Excitement, PURE and Simple

I've only been playing PURE for about a half-hour; but I can already tell that, while not Motocross Madness 2 or TrackMania, it could make a fun FNG game for both WAN Parties and LAN Parties (15-person multiplayer!)

That's me above on my custom ATV... I'm stoked to see how it performs after I've played through the game some. It's the same style as Need For Speed: Underground, where you can get better parts for your ride as you progress through the game.

Online play is a snap... no router/firewall configuration required that I noticed; which means they're either already using ports I have forwarded for other games, or they do a good job of not requiring the user to do firewall configuration.

Mine only gripes so far about online play is that there is no chat feature and no setting passwords on a game so only friends can join. This might make team racing a little problematic... but then again, I've only been in the game a half-hour, so we'll see what I've missed.

The tricks are sik, and it allows linking combos for bigger points. Freestyle mode is interesting because you have a gas meter and a thrill meter... and you have to get as many points as possible before running out of gas. To earn more gas, you must pull off good tricks (and try as hard as you can not to repeat... repeating tricks seems to make you lose gas faster; as does wrecking.) As you can see above, I'm mid-back-flip. You can also pull another trick while back-flipping.

There are trick modifier and special trick buttons, but I haven't quite figured those out yet (did I mention a half-hour?!)

Also... you have to build up from basic tricks to the more advanced tricks as you successfully land them and build your thrill bar. Your thrill bar can also be used to give you boosts (like nitro.)

More to come; I'm sure... and I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far...

17 September 2008

Age of Empires II Command-Line Parameters

Microsoft provides a knowledgebase article that describes all of the command-line parameters you can add to your Age II shortcuts.

I really like the "NoStartup" one that lets you skip the opening cinematics.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\empires2.exe" nostartup

FNG Report - 09/12/2008

Ok, so I forgot... there was something worth mentioning from FNG last Friday.

When Thundr and I finally got to some MCM2, we ended up playing some casual rounds of classic FNG favorites like Pepsi Max, Funky Flyer and Snowfields.

Without realizing it at first, I beat my own FNG record for Funky Flyer on my 2nd lap. It dawned on me in the middle of the 3rd lap, so I took a screenshot just-in-case; then confirmed it after we finished the race. Sure enough, I beat the old record by 0.29 seconds! I blame the DVI-D cable and 24" monitor. I'm having all kinds of good luck since I got those. :)

That One Funky Flyer Record
After that, we got the fever to beat Toxic's fastest lap on Snowfields and raced it about 10 times; getting worse each time, and completely unsuccessful in achieving the goal. But it was sure fun trying and we look forward to future record attempts.

So FNG wasn't so bad after all... those moments made up for all the crap earlier in the night.

Looking forward to the clan match this Friday... be there or be ... missing out.

16 September 2008

Clan Skirmish - This Friday! (Starcraft and/or Age of Empires II)

So last Friday was a bust... not even worth of an FNG Report. It was basically riddled with lack of ability to find CDs and connection issues.

Tsam, Thundr, Toxic, Atholon and I were all present; and most of us played a little TrackMania til Tsam bailed. The plan after was to switch to Motocross Madness 2 (MCM2).

We lost Toxic after several attempts to get MCM2 working on that waste of an OS just a notch better than Windows ME (also known as Vista....) and he left after not being able to find his CD for a reinstall.

Atholon installed MCM2 for the first time that night, and no matter what we did, including Hamachi, he just couldn't get connected with us. So he dropped.

It was down to Thundr and I again, and we finally got a few rounds of MCM2 in; which were enjoyable, but anti-climactic after all the hassle.

So on to the better news:
Clan Skirmish this Friday on Starcraft and/or Age of Empires II!

I received an email not long ago from a Mark Zimmerman; who recently rejoined a bunch of college roommates that used to game together 5 years ago. They decided to call their clan "Wan Party." After Googling for 'Wan Party' he found our site and signed up for our contact list.

We got in touch with each other and have scheduled a match or two for 19 September (time to be announced.)

So FNGers that are intersted in some fun casual Starcraft or Age II games this Friday, make sure to have both games installed and fully patched, ready to go. We're not facing a repeat of last Friday (in fact, I'd recommend we do a connection test-run before Friday.)

Sound off if you're coming to play. I (That One Guy) will be there.

06 September 2008

FNG 09/05/2008 - Return to Motocross Madness 2

Thundr and I had a hankerin' for some MCM2 tonight; since we haven't been able to play after Tsam installed Vista Ultimate 64-bit on his system...

We had a blast and many cool moments were had. One of them is in the video below. We were racing Pepsi Max and I full-on spring-loaded the bike entirely over the mountain with a clearance of what looks like about 4-6 feet or so from the top of the mountain! It's probably my best springload ever.

My apologies for the poor quality. I'm just learning Sony Vegas Studio and need to learn how to make good compression but keep the quality (the original file is about 630MB.) I'll try to get a better quality one I can link to on the FNG server later.

There were other moments that we could get some killer screenshots from, but don't have time yet. Below is one Jarin took during Grassy Knoll SE. I had finished the race and backtracked so I could watch Thundr's final jump. He missed it and had to climb the hill past the broken bridge. Instead he smacked the bridge and went twirling off the screen. It was pretty funny... if we got that one on VCR, we'll have to capture the twirl and post it here... if not, the pic will have to do.

If we get time, we'll post more later...

I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into MCM2 more again; especially since it's nearing time for Turkey Bowl 2008. We'll probably spend some of the next few Fridays going through the Track DVDs and trying to generate a new pack for this year's Bowl; then of course, some TrackMania; cause, well, you can never get enough of that...

01 September 2008

FNG 08/29/2008

We played TrackMania United Forever on the "Let's Rock!!!" server (We being: That One Guy, Tsam, and Atholon [for a few minutes]).

It was an interesting night. There were always 50+ racers on the server. I only played for 2 hours; Tsam joined me late and stayed after I left, so I'm not sure how long he was on.

I placed in the top 10 twice and spent the rest of the time between 15th and 25th. Somehow, I still earned over 4,000 Ladder Points taking me to 19,000+ points; putting me 13th in the Utah Zone and in the high 60,000's in the World Zone.

It was a good time and a lot of good competition, as it always is on that server. They have a great mix of old and new tracks... the old always classics from our intense TrackMania Nations days... "Let's Rock!!!" is definitely an FNG favorite to play on.

Tsam, come tell us how you fared!