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03 April 2015

ManiaPlanet Sale - 75% Off This Weekend!

ManiaPlanet is having a sale on TrackMania 2 Canyon and ShootMania this weekend for 75% off!!!

TrackMania 2 Stadium - $2.50!!! (3-pack = $6.25; 5-pack = $10.00)
ShootMania - $5.00 (3-pack = $12.50; 5-pack = $20.00)

It's insane awesome.  You can get 5 licenses for the price of 1.
Take advantage of this killer sale if you need to fill some gaps in your ManiaPlanet titles, or if you'd like to gift some to friends that aren't already playing with us!

(Technically the sale wasn't supposed to start until 04 Apr, but it looks like some of the titles are going up early.  I will update this post if the other titles also go on sale.)