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01 September 2016

Team FNG's ShootMania Royal server goes 90k

Fans of the Friday Night Gamer's "Royal (old school)" server on ShootMania will be pleased to hear that we have obtained permission from Nadeo (according to the rules for Royal dedicated servers) to bump our server up from a 60k to a 90k.

More points points with your pew pew

The reason I waited so long is because we run a special script that makes our server play by the pre-Beta 2 ruleset (where the storm comes in closer to the pole and lasers are a one-hit elimination.)  We enjoy those rules better than the rules post-Beta 2.  Also, we have classic maps that we don't ever want to get rid of (like JumpStart, CliffJumpers, etc.) that were built around the old rules, and break somewhat if played on servers with the new.

Be mindful that this will only affect your score on the Storm ladder, not the Royal title pack ladder.  Because we run a custom script, we are required to run on the Storm title pack.  This is another reason I held off on trying to go more than 60k on our server.  The rules are a little different when not doing Royal and I didn't think our server qualified.  I'm grateful today to say that we do qualify and have bumped the points limit on our server to 90k.