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13 May 2008

TrackMania United Forever Hits Top Sellers Chart on Steam

Gamers are finally getting it. TrackMania is the coolest racing game series ever made (sharing the title with the Motocross Madness series of course.)

I was looking on Steam today and TrackMania United Forever is on their Top Sellers list. And well it should be. With all the new fun (both in Single-Player and Multiplayer aspects) Nadeo has added to its already incredible game; it shines on... and gamers are catching on.

If you still haven't tasted the goodness that is TrackMania, you owe it to yourself to try TrackMania Nations Forever (also available on Steam) and once you're addicted; buy TrackMania United Forever. It'll be some of the best $40.00 you've ever spent; and well worth the 2.5 months of World of Warcraft you sacrifice to give it a shot... the word WoW will have new meaning for you. :)

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