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03 October 2008

PURE PC Demo Available for Download

It's finally here!

Get it from FileFront
Get it from Fileshack
Get it from GamersHell
Get it from GameSpot
Get if from Strategy Informer

Since I own the real game, I haven't had a chance to try the demo yet; so I don't know if it has multiplayer. FNGers are recommended to try it anyway, so you can decide if you want to go buy and start playing it some on Fridays.

(We'll still be on the hunt for Turkey Bowl tracks for the Motocross Madness 2 tourney in November, so don't feel bad if you don't buy it just yet... but give it a whack; it's a ton of fun.)

1 comment:

FNG_DirtyD said...

We can have some great 16 player racing/stunt action with this game! ThatOneGuy and I got to play some tonight, and it was pretty fun. You can play with 15 other players. Now we just need more FNG'ers with it so we can have some fun at a massive LAN Party.