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15 August 2009

TrackMania United Forever - $19.99 through Focus Home Interactive

http://www.trackmania.com/index.php?id=223&lang=en&rub=news_info Steam recently had a TrackMania United sale that I didn't get a chance to get on here and announce. The time for that has past, but Focus/Metaboli are still allowing their digital download for $19.99!

Before, this used Starforce for activation and you were limited to 3 activations; after that you were required to contact Metaboli for a new serial key (or to reset your serial key.) For some it proved to be a hassle, but I ended up having to do it and I had a reply within a couple of days, and they got me hooked up with more activations fine... It wasn't the most convenient mechanism, but it worked.

So if you're interested in obtaining a copy through this channel, feel free... It's an incredible game!

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