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21 September 2009

TrackMania 2 Announced Last Weekend!!!

TrackMania 2 screnshot from user video taken at Paris Gaming Festival
Thanks to my friend McKay for pointing me to this information.

Kotaku posted a TrackMania 2 Announcement article on their site! (Would you look at the incredible lighting in the pic above? Granted, it's from a low-quality user-created video from the event, but if it looks that good in this low-quality, imagine how excellent it will be in the real thing! I wish I could have been there.)

Rumor is that the game will be released in late 2010 (I'm betting it'll be in November like TrackMania United was.)

I'm so stoked for this. If it's even close to being as enjoyable as TrackMania has been over the last several years, I'll either be pre-ordering or purchasing three licenses for release day.

Hop on over to their site... they have some user-made videos from the Paris Game Festival. There is also a section on the official forums devoted to TrackMania 2. Oddly enough, there is no mention of it on the official TrackMania site yet.

Rumors on the forum include three new environments... one being a collaboration of all of the previous TrackMania environments, except Snow; another that mixes Desert and Rally, and a final one that will mix Snow and something else.

Kotaku mentioned four new splitscreen modes, including: cup, regular championship, team and cooperative.

I wonder what cooperative will be like... that sounds fun. It would be interesting to see if that gets integrated in the multiplayer experience.

I can't shout out enough kudos to the team at Nadeo; they've made a truly unique and marvelous game that just keeps on giving. I highly anticipate much more high-flying, wall-riding, crazy delicious enjoyment for many more years to come. Je vous remercie Nadeo!

Here's to next year!

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