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27 January 2010

TrackMania 2 to be Doomed by Ubisoft's "Online Services Platform"?!?!

Ubisoft is quickly becoming the bane of my existence. I hate to say it, but they are.

It's too bad really, because they have some fantastic games that I've really enjoyed playing. But as most of you know, I've been boycotting them for about a year now over their stupid decision to start releasing continuing content DLC to exclusive platforms.

Today I find out they are releasing an "online services platform", a seemingly Steam wannabe which they spin as sounding good in the fact that your personal saved games will now be saved "in the cloud" so you can install and play your same games on multiple machines. All future Ubisoft games will be distributed to PC through this mechanism.

Unfortunately, they also decided they need to continually penalize paying customers by requiring us to be connected to the internet constantly in order to play the games we pay for...

Gone are the days of deciding how and when you can play a game that you purchase... but don't worry, the gods of Ubisoft will dictate that for you. Epic Fail.

I'm most upset about this because it will affect the game I'm anticipating most right now... TrackMania 2.

See the discussion I started on the TrackMania Forum and feel free to sound-off here and/or there... Then start speaking with your wallet, and cease buying Ubisoft games until they stop the madness and quit penalizing us for supporting their efforts. Send the message loud and clear that we'll support them when they return to letting us play our purchased games when/how we like... not on their terms.


That One Guy said...


A good short article about this madness; including a good analogy about having to show your receipt to a retail company like Best Buy everytime you want to watch the television you bought (though I think showing the receipt to Samsung, or whoever manufactured the TV would be more accurate.)

Anyway, interesting comments follow, including a soldier who reminded us that those in uniform don't have access to internet connections all day long, so it's as if Ubisoft just told them all where to go.

There is a lot of discussion about comparisons with Steam, etc. as well... good stuff to chew on.

My favorite is where a console gamer reminded us all that this will inevitably happen to console gamers later too...

This is why, during the Prince of Persia debacle that I was trying to rally the console gamers to help us in our boycott... until we all send a loud and strong message of NOT buying their games, they will not change their insane practices.

That One Guy said...

Another thought that Bomajoe and I discussed at work today; and that I was reminded of after reading one of the comments on the Ars Technica article...

Ubisoft already distributes their games on Steam, so what the crap? Why the urge to be the control-freak themselves now? So they can have this kind of stranglehold on their customers?

Why not continue through Steam?