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18 January 2011

Portal 2 - Valve's Doing it Right for All Gamers

Gamespot and others revealed most excellent news this morning (thanks DirtyDan and BomaJoe for notifying me) about the highly anticipated Portal 2, slated for release in April.

The most important in my mind, is the fact that PC gamers will be able to play against PS3 and Mac players, with online chat included.  In a sea of game developers who seem to be taking away all the features that have made PC Gaming great for all these years, it's so nice to see Valve keeping it real and going what seems to be the extra mile nowadays in keeping those features in for us.

As an added bonus, Valve will allow PS3 owners that link their PSN accounts with their Steam accounts to download a digital copy of Portal 2 on their PC.

PS3 players will also enjoy cloud support like their PC Gamer comrades for syncing their saved-game data online.

Thanks, Valve, for doing it right and keeping not only PC gaming real, but gaming just about everywhere (I say just about everywhere because it seems like Xbox is mysteriously left out for now.)  If you know more, please let us know!

The cake is still a lie... until April?!

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