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26 May 2011

New TrackMania 2 Screenshots in EDGE Magazine Article

More awesomeness in the screenshots shown in the EDGE article above.  I was a little disappointed in the section at the top of page 2 where Florent (head of NADEO) jokes about the US community and why there aren't a lot of players here.

I've never seen a lack of USA players online ... and the worldwide community has supported USA players well enough.  I think the real reason there is a lack of American players is because of the lack of advertising.

I was hoping for a huge article about it in the June PC Gamer, but was sadly disappointed when I borrowed Dragonflye's fresh new copy yesterday and didn't even see a mention or a screenshot of TrackMania 2 Canyon in it.

I certainly hope Ubisoft will be making a debut at E3 and that the gaming media in the USA will start covering TrackMania on a big scale.  I think the potential for a huge fanbase in the states is more than possible.

Here's to hopin'...


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