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29 September 2011

GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Tournament Prelims: Track Change Notice

Hey GEEX TrackMania 2 Canyon contestants!
I need to let you know of an update I had to make to the official track pack for the GEEX prelims on 07 October.

The atphavoc map called "Spare Parts 2" has a Push Forward (PF) start and we had a lot of contestants practicing on the Prelims server that the PF wasn't working correctly on each start/respawn.
I discussed this with atphavoc and he provided me an alternate track that doesn't have a PF start.  We ran it on the server tonight and have decided to use it instead of Spare Parts 2.

The track is called "Cradle of Speed" and I have made the change in the official prelims pack.  The GEEX Prelims server also reflects the update.

Good luck!

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