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26 February 2013

Is ManiaPlanet Coming to Steam?!

"Steam" engine with a
big ManiaPlanet logo
This pictures sure seems to suggest it.  An announcement video will be coming tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

This will be awesome news for the whiners who don't know how to add a non-steam game shortcut to Steam and will only buy it if sold through Steam.  I guess some still love DRM even when they can get a game without.  LOL

Seriously though, there have been big complaints that the ManiaPlanet games aren't available on Steam, so I hope (if it's true) that this will mean more sales for Nadeo, so we can continue to reap the rewards of future environments for TrackMania and ShootMania!

GG Nadeo; especially for the Steam pun. +1


Josh said...

this may be premature - but I hope we will be able to migrate already owned licenses to STEAM if that is the case.

That One Guy said...

IF it happens, it won't be an issue.

As it is right now, you can install the ManiaPlanet client on any computer, it's all about logging in to your account's credentials to allow the titles you can play. That part has nothing to do with Steam; that's all controlled within ManiaPlanet.

That One Guy said...

Looks like a little leak happened after Nadeo posted another photo suggesting a "Ste*llar announcement" at 09:00...

In the comments, Sebastian Fedrowitz posted the following link:


See you tomorrow for the official announcement!

Full STEAM ahead :)