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29 March 2013

Comcastic! Xfinity boosts speeds in parts of Utah

I got an email today from Comcast letting me know that speeds are now boosted in my area.  I was informed to power cycle my modem to have it take effect.

The reason for this is that the modem is signaled to download a firmware update.  Once the update is complete, the modem resets itself again and after it finishes initializing all the way, you should see the speeds your package is supposed to get.

My email told me I'd be getting up to 50Mbit down and 10Mbit up.  I'm happy to report I'm getting around 55Mbit on burst for downloads.  However, for some reason, my upload actually went down.  I used to see 6-8, but am seeing 3-4.5Mbit up now.

Boma power cycled his modem after I told him about the update and he is seeing the promised speeds.  I will wait a week and see if my upload goes up to the 10Mbit... if not, I'll have a Comcast tech come check out the situation at my home.

For everyone else in Utah between Salt Lake and Spanish Fork (maybe further south?) -- power cycle your DOCSYS 3.0 modem and see if you get to enjoy faster connections.  If you don't have a DOCSYS 3.0 modem, upgrade now.


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