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11 June 2013

Nadeo's TrackMania Nations I-6 Track in 13.59 Seconds

Since 2006, I've been racing I-6, among many other awesome TrackMania Nations tracks created by Nadeo.  The clever quotient on this one is through-the-roof, since the goal of it is to barrel roll your car off a small a launch ramp at the end of a long runway with a couple of big turbo sections, land it smoothly on the side of a wallride, let it carry you around the curve and come down smooth to the finish gate.

The problem is, the wallride is quite tall and if you don't land just right from your roll you won't have enough momentum to stay high enough on the wallride to make the entry to the finish.  Should you fall short or too low on the wall, there is a "forgiveness path" with lots of short and curvy corners to it that take a lot longer to climb to the finish gate than the smooth ride along the top.

Again, I've been playing this since 2006... and have spent many an hour with the Friday Night Gamers trying to conquer this track.  In that 7 years, I've only finished the ideal way probably 5 times.

5 times.  In 7 years.

So mark me when I say, these are the moments when I remember why I love this game so much... the thrill of the win is nothing short of epic.

And this time I have proof.  Enjoy.

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