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30 October 2014

FNG Motocross Madness 2 Records Restored

Tonight, while testing Motocross Madness 2 network connectivity in virtual machines (both Windows XP and Vista) across the internet with Thundr, I realized our website has been missing all of the Best Lap scores for probably 5 years or more!  After successfully completing a multiplayer race on Machkeu Basin, we decided to look up the best lap to see how close we fared after many years away from the game.  Seeing they were gone, I panicked and started searching my source code history to find them.  After realizing I'd ported the site to a new repository and hadn't brought the history with it, I wanted to cry.

Thanks to the help of the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" I was able to restore the missing records to our live site.  This will make the upcoming Turkey Bowl LAN party more enjoyable as we make a long overdue comeback to MCM2!

Go check out what you're up against at our Motocross Madness 2 page.  Some of the scores have VCR files that you can load in the game and watch the replay of the record being set.  I don't know about you, but I'm setting my sights on shattering Dave Holland's records on "Machkeu Basin" and "Snowfields".

I'm really looking forward to some high-flying, spring-loading good times with you all as we bring back this epic classic to Friday Night Gaming!  I can't wait to hit Bear Mountain and Halfgrand Playground for some intense stunt matches, "have a ball" in the smaller arenas playing Stunt Ball Tag, and get "TIMERED!" on the National tracks we love so much.

See you at the races!


Anonymous said...

anyone racing mcm2 ???

That One Guy said...

We tried it both at a LAN party and online. We've been able to successfully connect them, but need to get rid of flicker issues.

Thundr may have done so with his Vista virtual machine, but the XP Pro and XP Home VMs I have created still suffer the flicker issue. It's bad enough it would prevent us from playing; but if we can figure out what is magical about the Vista one, we may be able to resurrect the game.

We are hoping someone like GOG.com (hint, hint!) picks up the game from Microsoft and re-codes for current Windows operating systems.

The only bad thing is we have become so accustomed to TrackMania that allows way more than 8 players, that it's hard to go back to just 8. This will still be a great game for nights when less than 8 players show for a Friday Night Gaming session though!

I'm sure others in the old MCM community are still playing, but I'm not sure where they meet up.