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17 February 2018

ShootMania Storm: Royal - The Return of Nukes in the Underground

I am happy to announce that with the help of eyebo and Smoke from ManiaPlanet, that I've been able to tweak our TeamFNG_Royal mode to officially still be like old school ShootMania Beta 2!

When a player steps onto an underground block, the mode will auto-switch the weapon to the Nucleus weapon again, and back to whatever the player had originally when entering the underground block after exiting.  It's a little different than before.  In the screenshot below, the weapon will switch before you're actually in the tunnel, because you're detected as underground before you actually make it into the tunnel... so it switches a little earlier on some blocks, but feels exactly the same on others.  Some above-ground tunnels don't switch still either, so it's not QUITE there, but it's very close.; and still super fun.

Look out snipers in "JumpStart"...
you are safe no more.
For those that love the way ShootMania was at its origins, come play with us "old school" in our server!

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