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01 September 2016

Team FNG's ShootMania Royal server goes 90k

Fans of the Friday Night Gamer's "Royal (old school)" server on ShootMania will be pleased to hear that we have obtained permission from Nadeo (according to the rules for Royal dedicated servers) to bump our server up from a 60k to a 90k.

More points points with your pew pew

The reason I waited so long is because we run a special script that makes our server play by the pre-Beta 2 ruleset (where the storm comes in closer to the pole and lasers are a one-hit elimination.)  We enjoy those rules better than the rules post-Beta 2.  Also, we have classic maps that we don't ever want to get rid of (like JumpStart, CliffJumpers, etc.) that were built around the old rules, and break somewhat if played on servers with the new.

Be mindful that this will only affect your score on the Storm ladder, not the Royal title pack ladder.  Because we run a custom script, we are required to run on the Storm title pack.  This is another reason I held off on trying to go more than 60k on our server.  The rules are a little different when not doing Royal and I didn't think our server qualified.  I'm grateful today to say that we do qualify and have bumped the points limit on our server to 90k.


18 March 2016

TrackMania Turbo Goes Open Beta for Xbox One and PS4

See the announcement on GameSpot

(Thanks to Bomajoe for this news!)

Those that own Xbox One and/or PS4 are in for a treat.  Get an early glimpse of the wonderful world of TrackMania a few days before its release next week on 22 March.

Links to access it on your consoles are provided at the GameSpot article.


02 January 2016

TrackMania 2 Canyon screenshot featured on Intel's XMP site

Talking tonight with Thundr about a new gaming desktop he'd put together, we got on the topic of Intel's Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) technology.  If you follow the link, you'll see one video game screenshot at the top of the article ... and one only (the rest of the photos are of gamers.)

Of all the video games chosen to be represented for this article about gaming RAM, guess which one was chosen?!   That's right, one of the best gaming franchises ever made... TrackMania!

This mega-awesome screenshot of TrackMania 2: Canyon was a fantastic choice for the Intel site; and one I use as a desktop wallpaper.

I really wish this game was more marketed in North America.  It is so awesome and many North Americans still don't know about it.  Yes, it's on Steam, but it's rarely highlighted except for once or twice a year when it's on sale on Steam.  Unfortunately it usually goes on sale when more well-known titles are also on sale.  We had one time when a surge of 10,000 new North American players came to TrackMania 2: Stadium when it was on sale for $1.99.  I hope we'll see more of that so we can get more North American TrackManiacs!

Anyway, back to the XMP story... I run TrackMania on a machine with XMP RAM and it runs as fast as I drive in TrackMania.  If you're using XMP RAM in an Intel motherboard, make sure to set the XMP profile in your motherboard's BIOS so you can take advantage of this great technology.

Then get into some TrackMania and come race with the Friday Night Gamers!

15 June 2015

TrackMania Turbo - Coming 27 Nov 2015!

Alright Friday Night Gamers... get ready!

Nadeo and Ubisoft revealed today at E3 TrackMania Turbo, a $19.99 title that looks to be comprised of all TrackMania 2 environments enhanced (Canyon, Stadium and Valley), and features a brand new environment called Lagoon Rollercoaster!

Lagoon Rollercoaster
The new environment for
TrackMania Turbo
If we are honored to be a part of an alpha or beta, we will DEFINITELY be playing this for our traditional Turkey Bowl LAN party in November... if not, we'll have to play it after when it is released on 27 Nov 2015!

I will be contacting Nadeo to get more information, especially to find out if the platforms will all be able to play together and to see if Turbo will be a title pack available through ManiaPlanet or only through the Uplay store.  (It better be standalone through ManiaPlanet!!!)

Stay tuned!!!  For now, enjoy the trailer!
TrackMania Turbo - Announcement Trailer - E3 2015

05 June 2015

Fond FragDolls Farwell

It's official.  Ubisoft has decided to retire the Frag Dolls team.  This video was put together by Daze and includes many, if not all of the Frag Dolls' alumni.  We're sorry to see them go, but know that they are doing awesome things: advancing their careers, education etc.

We are grateful for the time the Frag Dolls spent with the Friday Night Gamers, especially during the ShootMania Launch and TrackMania 10th LANniversary events!  ThatOneGuy is especially thankful for the opportunities he had to meet some of the Dolls in-person at PAX Prime 2012 Seattle, and during his recent trip to San Francisco.

We wish each Frag Doll continued success and happiness in the different endeavors you pursue.  Thanks for a fun ride!

(Oh, and we still expect you to play ShootMania and TrackMania with us in the future sometime.  You can't escape that easily!)   ^_^

Good Game Dolls!

03 April 2015

ManiaPlanet Sale - 75% Off This Weekend!

ManiaPlanet is having a sale on TrackMania 2 Canyon and ShootMania this weekend for 75% off!!!

TrackMania 2 Stadium - $2.50!!! (3-pack = $6.25; 5-pack = $10.00)
ShootMania - $5.00 (3-pack = $12.50; 5-pack = $20.00)

It's insane awesome.  You can get 5 licenses for the price of 1.
Take advantage of this killer sale if you need to fill some gaps in your ManiaPlanet titles, or if you'd like to gift some to friends that aren't already playing with us!

(Technically the sale wasn't supposed to start until 04 Apr, but it looks like some of the titles are going up early.  I will update this post if the other titles also go on sale.)


31 March 2015

Best Wishes to SiREN

Our Frag Doll friends are all moving on to the next steps in their careers.  We're so glad we had some fun times with them through the ShootMania launch, TrackMania 10th LANniversary and more.

SiREN hosted our epic TrackMania 10th LANniversary party in November 2013, which was hosted as a hype session precursor to the official 10th LANniversary party in December.  It was 2.5 hours of awesome, where we pulled off the first (that I know of) All TrackMania Environments worldwide LAN/WAN tournament across three servers.

It was an incredibly special night and we are grateful SiREN was a part of it.

On behalf of the Friday Night Gamers, I would like to wish you the best of luck, SiREN, in your new adventures with Twitch... and you'd better keep in touch!

28 February 2015

A Nice Postcard from the Frag Dolls & Best Wishes for Pixxel and Sabre

My family and I received this nice postcard from the Frag Dolls today.  

As many of you know, I met some of the Frag Dolls at PAX Prime in 2012 and have been a part of a couple of fun projects with them since, including the ShootMania Launch Party (twitch stream [about 3 hours in]), the TrackMania 10th LANniversary (twitch stream [entire stream]) and a "Dolls n' Devs - ShootMania Storm - Interview with [my good friend] Edouard Beauchemin" [around 45 minutes in; but the best part happens at a timestamp that results in an error on twitch *sad face*].

We have really enjoyed out experiences with the Frag Dolls and wish them continued success in their endeavors.  We're thankful for your support in our events too, and we are still going to hold you to a ShootMania Royal match on our servers in the future!  Thanks for the postcard, Siren!!!

In other news... a couple of months after the sad announcement that our friend Pixxel was leaving the Frag Dolls, we learned this week that Sabre is also leaving the Frag Dolls and they both left touching videos for the fans.

Thanks for all the fun Pixxel!  Even though you handed it to me several times in ShootMania we still love ya.  ^_^  We will miss you and hope your new adventures rock!  We still want you a part of our Team FNG vs the Frag Dolls ShootMania Royal match in the future.

You are awesome Kim!  We hope your new adventures at Ubisoft as Associate Producer are epic and our best wishes go with you.  You're still on the hook to come play ShootMania Royal with the rest of the Frag Dolls with the Friday Night Gamers, don't think this change gets you out of it!  ;)

Good game to all of our Frag Dolls friends!  Lots of love from the Friday Night Gamers.

13 January 2015

Pre-Order Grim Fandango on GOG.com!!!

Happy New Year!  One of the coolest announcements ever was made today.  GOG.com is releasing the classic point-and-click adventure "Grim Fandango" (as "Grim Fandango Remastered"), and you can pre-order now for $14.99 and it is expected to release on 27 Jan 2015, just two weeks from now!

DRM-free as always.  I love how GOG.com listens to their community and tries to make the games available that they want the most.  Make sure to get on and vote for your favorites (including helping the Friday Night Gamers raise the counts for Motocross Madness and Motocross Madness 2!)

I can't wait for the end of January!  GG GOG!

04 December 2014

That One Early Christmas Surprise from Nadeo

Check out the surprise Nadeo sent me today! 

I've had some amazing adventures with Nadeo and Ubisoft through TrackMania and ShootMania, from the GEEX 2010 TrackMania United Forever tournament, to the epic GEEX 2011 TrackMania 2 Canyon tournament just after the game's release, to PAX Prime 2012 where we showed off the ShootMania beta.

You'll remember that when I was at PAX, I got to meet and work with several members of the Nadeo Live and Ubisoft teams.  The Nadeo crew were wearing these really great jerseys that have the ManiaPlanet logo on the front, then the player alias and player number on the back.

I loved those shirts!  And Nadeo was kind enough to make me a jersey and now I feel like an adopted member of the team.  It was a super awesome gift that I'm honored to have.

I wish Nadeo many more years of success with the ManiaPlanet franchise, and hope that we will see many more TrackMania environments for its next decade!

While we're on that subject, I should remind everyone that TrackMania 2 Stadium and ShootMania Storm are free-to-play until April 2015!  Check them out if you haven't already!

Thanks again Nadeo for showing the spirit of giving that makes Christmas so great.  I hope we can all remember to be as giving with our family, friends and neighbors during this Christmas season.

From our team to yours, may you find much joy this month and throughout next year!  Merry Christmas!

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