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24 September 2008

PURE Adrenaline, PURE Fun, PURE Excitement, PURE and Simple

I've only been playing PURE for about a half-hour; but I can already tell that, while not Motocross Madness 2 or TrackMania, it could make a fun FNG game for both WAN Parties and LAN Parties (15-person multiplayer!)

That's me above on my custom ATV... I'm stoked to see how it performs after I've played through the game some. It's the same style as Need For Speed: Underground, where you can get better parts for your ride as you progress through the game.

Online play is a snap... no router/firewall configuration required that I noticed; which means they're either already using ports I have forwarded for other games, or they do a good job of not requiring the user to do firewall configuration.

Mine only gripes so far about online play is that there is no chat feature and no setting passwords on a game so only friends can join. This might make team racing a little problematic... but then again, I've only been in the game a half-hour, so we'll see what I've missed.

The tricks are sik, and it allows linking combos for bigger points. Freestyle mode is interesting because you have a gas meter and a thrill meter... and you have to get as many points as possible before running out of gas. To earn more gas, you must pull off good tricks (and try as hard as you can not to repeat... repeating tricks seems to make you lose gas faster; as does wrecking.) As you can see above, I'm mid-back-flip. You can also pull another trick while back-flipping.

There are trick modifier and special trick buttons, but I haven't quite figured those out yet (did I mention a half-hour?!)

Also... you have to build up from basic tricks to the more advanced tricks as you successfully land them and build your thrill bar. Your thrill bar can also be used to give you boosts (like nitro.)

More to come; I'm sure... and I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far...

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