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16 September 2008

Clan Skirmish - This Friday! (Starcraft and/or Age of Empires II)

So last Friday was a bust... not even worth of an FNG Report. It was basically riddled with lack of ability to find CDs and connection issues.

Tsam, Thundr, Toxic, Atholon and I were all present; and most of us played a little TrackMania til Tsam bailed. The plan after was to switch to Motocross Madness 2 (MCM2).

We lost Toxic after several attempts to get MCM2 working on that waste of an OS just a notch better than Windows ME (also known as Vista....) and he left after not being able to find his CD for a reinstall.

Atholon installed MCM2 for the first time that night, and no matter what we did, including Hamachi, he just couldn't get connected with us. So he dropped.

It was down to Thundr and I again, and we finally got a few rounds of MCM2 in; which were enjoyable, but anti-climactic after all the hassle.

So on to the better news:
Clan Skirmish this Friday on Starcraft and/or Age of Empires II!

I received an email not long ago from a Mark Zimmerman; who recently rejoined a bunch of college roommates that used to game together 5 years ago. They decided to call their clan "Wan Party." After Googling for 'Wan Party' he found our site and signed up for our contact list.

We got in touch with each other and have scheduled a match or two for 19 September (time to be announced.)

So FNGers that are intersted in some fun casual Starcraft or Age II games this Friday, make sure to have both games installed and fully patched, ready to go. We're not facing a repeat of last Friday (in fact, I'd recommend we do a connection test-run before Friday.)

Sound off if you're coming to play. I (That One Guy) will be there.


beuchety said...

I should be there.

Jarin Blackham said...

I'm still unsure, as my Anniversary is Saturday. I do not own Age II, so if I do show, I'll be limited to Starcraft -- unless we can talk the other clan into some MCM2 or TMNF/UF. I also have Age III, but I suck at it.