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12 November 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008 Results

Here are the results from the Turkey Bowl 2008 LAN Party. Thanks to all that came and made it a huge success; a fun time was had by all.
  • That One Guy (Jeff Litster) - 218 pts
  • Thundr (Jarin Blackham) - 186 pts
  • Toxic Waste (David Holland) - 174 pts
  • Dirty Dan (Dan Wetzel) - 172 pts
  • Jet.User (Brennan Litster) - 118 pts
  • d60dfath3r (Nick Gold) - 98 pts
  • Beuchety (Tyler Beuchert) - 92 pts
  • Atholon (Walt Weidner) - 86 pts
Turkey Bowl 2008 Details
The breakdown of the results, including best lap times can be found at the FNG site.

For the FNGers that played... please comment on this entry and tell what your favorite tracks were and favorite moments of the night!