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06 November 2008

Freestyle - Part of What Makes TrackMania So Special

Curse Nadeo for adding news feed into the main menu of TrackMania! Half the time I get in there, I see some cool video that takes me away from playing the game. :)

I discovered this one tonight, thanks to said news feed:

FreestyleCup 2007 Season 1 from Thedestroyer on Vimeo.

There are so many aspects of this game that I love... and one of them is freestyle. I wish I could control my cars like that... those guys have mad skillz!

Thanks for the video Thedestroyer! Keep up the good work.


Walt said...

Must be distracting you from posting the scores from the Turkey Bowl! Weaksauce!

Jarin Blackham said...

WOW! THAT IS SOOOOO COOL!! Just watching the video made me want to start up TMUF and try some freestyle! Some of those tricks are sik! Thanks for posting!