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10 February 2009

Calling All Gamers (especially console gamers)! Join the Prince of Persia: Epilogue DLC for PC Revolution!

Attention ALL Gamers (especially console gamers!!!)

We need your help. We have seen your support in our frustration at Ubisoft's heinous call to exclude PC Gamers from finding out what happens next with the Prince and Elika. We all know it is unfair to release the game on three platforms, but restrict the release of story-critical content to a portion of those platforms.

We are sending Ubisoft an ultimatum and need your help to make it succeed. We hope it won't come to this.

If Ubisoft will release an announcement before 26 February 2009 stating that Prince of Persia: Epilogue DLC will be available for PC (even if the PC version comes AFTER the consoles' release) then all will be well...

... if not ...

We ask that all gamers boycott Prince of Persia: Epilogue until Ubisoft makes it available for all of the game's platforms.

I know, this will be a difficult task. We all are dying to see what happens next. But please, don't let Ubisoft leave the PC Gamers hanging... help us make a concerted effort to let them know we want Epilogue distributed to all platforms.

We can't make this happen without everyone's commitment and support.

We appreciate all who are doing our best to help make this happen.

Remember, we don't hate the creative talent that brought us such a masterpiece of a game. In fact we applaud it. We thank Ubisoft Montreal developers, level designers and all other creative talent involved. We also thank Ubisoft for making such a bold move as to release Prince of Persia PC DVD with NO DRM!!!

What we don't understand is, why Ubisoft would make such a bold move which gained much favor in the eyes of the dedicated PC Gamer fans of the Prince of Persia series (among other gamers who also expressed their gratitude.) We are displeased by the actions of those in power to make business decisions that affect us with the mere explanation of: "business reasons." Why on Earth would Ubisoft make such a bold move with the no-DRM release; only to turn around and make an equally large move in the opposite direction?

Some of the developers have admitted they don't understand the reasoning behind it, and wish the DLC to go out to all their devoted fans. We don't want to hurt them; in fact, we want to reward them for their efforts. But we want to reward them by purchasing the Epilogue on the gaming platform of our choice.

So, please, Ubisoft, if you're listening... change your minds before we take drastic measures. We'd rather this be settled nicely. But if our hand is forced and we get our support, prepare to see repercussions like unto the EA boycott that led to the games we craved being moved to the Steam platform the way we want them.

Gamers of all platforms... unite to make gaming history and help prevent atrocities like this from ever happening again.

(Please come discuss your feelings about this matter on the Ubisoft forum thread; then pass the word on to your other gaming friends to help rally support for the cause! We can turn this thing around, but only with everyone's help.)


Anonymous said...

You have my support in this action. I agree that the PC should not be left out from playing the DLC. If it's feasible for a company to port this content to 3 different consoles, then there shouldn't be anything holding them back from making it available for PC.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why a company would refuse a customer's money... wow. just wow.

If piracy is their concern (it's the only one I can fathom) they should just put it on Steam, which has very low piracy rates. That's what I'd do if I was managing Ubisoft.

beuchety said...

I was going to buy Prince of Persia for PC until I saw this post. I love the Prince of Persia games, but not releasing DLC on PC is a stupid idea and frustrating for me. I will boycott Ubisoft products until they announce the release of PoP DLC on PC.

Walt said...
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FNG_DirtyD said...

First of all, it's a great game. Second, I agree with Jonny b. Even if they are worried about piracy, isn't getting some money from PC DLC downloads better than none?

It is not even just a matter of this particular game. The idea that a company would market a game for consoles and PC, then only allow the expansions on consoles, is ridiculous, no matter what game it is.

Walt said...

Sorry Jeff,

I didn't mean to come off as a jerk. I understand this game is really important to you and I should have respected that in my comment.

I hope you are successful in getting DLC on PC.