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19 February 2009

SecuROM officially removed from Red Alert 3 on Steam

I had been interested in the game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, as I loved the original Red Alert, and the original Command & Conquer. I kept hoping that they would be able to make a game that would be comparable to those original games when Westwood Studios was making the games.

Upon Red Alert 3's retail release, I discovered that the game included SecuROM DRM. I decided at that time to avoid it, even though I wanted to see the game. Some time later, Red Alert 3 became available on Steam. I figured, as many people did, that this distribution would not include SecuROM, and would rely on Steam's vastly more acceptable DRM system.

However, it became clear from forum posts (discussed in this earlier post by ThatOneGuy) that was not the case. Even on Steam, Red Alert 3 had SecuROM DRM.

I was very happy to log into Steam today and see that a special update had been released for C&C : RA3. This update removes SecuROM from all C&C : RA3 Steam installs. This is terrific news for gamers, even those who are not interested in this particular game. This means that our complaints about the inclusion of SecuROM were heard.

Here's the link to the Steam news story:

In addition, a little off topic, but not much, I'd like to voice my support for the Prince of Persia DLC being made available to PC gamers, too. Come on, Ubisoft, you made a good decision not including DRM in the retail boxed versions for PC, then you deny us a continuation of the story line?

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That One Guy said...

Booya! Now I'll have to spend some of that tax return on a new game. :)