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24 May 2009

Remembering When - 2002-2003 - FNG Glory Days

I was flipping through some old images on my hard drive (getting ready for a reinstall of Windows) and I came across these four screenshots from 6-7 years ago when FNG was in its glory days with lots of people showing up every week. Some good times in the old-school Motocross Madness (the original.)

The first comes with a shot of me running over Jarin (Thundr) with my motorcycle as he's in the middle of a wreck.

I wish I could say this was candid, but he happened to do a freeze-cam during his wreck... giving me opportunity to kick up some roost and run him over, doing a freeze-cam myself so I could move the camera and capture the moment. *CACKLE!*

An unfortunate accident

Remember Motocross Madness tag?! Remember the crazy-wild user-created quarries we'd play tag in? And how we'd have to use the bike hack to get 500/1000cc bikes to reach the tops of some of those mountains? :) Good times...

Last Ride - MCM user-created quarry for Tag

This was one of the funnest moments in FNG freeze-cam history. Playing for hours on the Widowmaker stunt track and trying to get a cool shot of all of us in the air off the first jump.

FNG Air Male

And finally, my staple move in MCM1... the Cliffhanger. Using the stock 250cc bike, I was able to keep up with those using 500cc bikes when playing in Microsoft's Zone... the matchmaking site everyone used for the original Motocross Madness.

Cliffhanger - That One Guy's favorite stunt in MCM

While the graphics look mega-outdated now, we got years of mileage out of that game... and still get good mileage out of MCM2. It's such a shame Rainbow went over to THQ and sold out to the console market... and even more a shame that Robb Rinard hasn't made a PC Motocross game since going to 2XL games. *sigh*

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