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07 November 2009

GEEX is on for 2010

Booya! Good news...

Back in 2008, DirtyDan (Tsam back then) and ThatOneGuy took the 2nd and 3rd place podium spots after an extremely close volley between the two in the first-ever GEEX show TrackMania Tournament. The point spread between the two after the competition was 1 point. They were awarded super-sweet nVidia 9800GX2 video cards for prizes, and there was much rejoicing.

Tsam and I were stoked to return in 2009 and compete again, but were disappointed to find it cancelled, due to epic recession.

We discovered this morning that as of 16 October 2009, GEEX is on again for 2010!!!

GEEX stands for the Gamers and Electronics EXpo

The GEEX site says: "Mark your calendars! On July 16-17, 2010 GEEX will be coming to the SouthTowne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah."

All we need to know now is if the TrackMania tournament will return (and use United Forever instead of Nations Forever.) Either way, if TrackMania is there, you'll find Team FNG there. And with an array of new racers (jgappm, angus4ever, SpeedMonger, durichards and craing) we're hoping to have a larger representation at the 2010 show.

So... hone your TM skills and get ready to hit the road with Team FNG in 2010.


Also remember, FNGers, that we're still having fun with the TrackMania Solo competition; so if you want to have double the fun honing your skills, race the stock tracks for official times and claim your throne as the best in FNG.


Jarin Blackham said...

Hmmmm....Not sure if I'll make it this year. It falls on my wife's birthday!

vazor said...

Hey Jeff I can't find any other contact info for you real quick so I thought I would leave you a comment here. Thanks for posting about GEEX and I'm sure we will do TrackMania again. If you want to help make sure it happens the best way possible, please email me and we can get your feedback. Also if you have any sponsors or volunteers to help make it even better, we'd be glad to hear about it! Email on the website or here for more info. Thanks!

FNG_DirtyD said...

Thanks for finding our FNG group! I know I would love to participate in another GEEX event, and a TrackMania tourney.

As far as sponsors for GEEX, have you guys tried Razor (keyboards, mice, headsets, etc)? They seem to be big on sponsoring LANs.

That One Guy said...

Hey Josh! Thanks for visiting the Team FNG blog!

We will be ecstatic to compete in another TrackMania tournament. I do want to help make sure it happens the best way possible. I would love to see it on-stage like the TF2 and CS tournaments were last time; as it would introduce a ton more Utah gamers to that wonderful racing game. We had a lot of passers-by ask us about the game when they saw us playing it (even during the tournament, heh.)

I already sent one email through the GEEX website and received a response from Marie Bowcut saying they're still in the planning stages.

Let us know what we can do to help... we'll continue to blog about and encourage our gamer friends to come to GEEX. We really enjoyed it last time and know it'll be even better this time around.

I look forward to talking more with you in the future.

Drop me a line at thatoneguy@thatoneplace.net