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27 November 2009

Thanksgiving gift from Nadeo - StarTrack Campaign for TrackMania Forever

See the official announcement.
Download the update from links in the official forums' thread.

Today, Nadeo deployed a ~20MB patch for TrackMania Forever (both United and Nations) that fixes some defects and crash issues, as well as treats us to 140 more tracks in a campaign (United only.)

Those of you that installed the DVD or Digital Download version from Focus/Metaboli will be prompted to get this update the next time you launch TrackMania and get the settings dialog. Those on Steam will have to d/l manually, then point the install directory to the Steam installation path for TrackMania
(something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\trackmania united)

NOTE: Vista (and potentially Windows 7) users may have problems installing this update.
If so, Slig has offered alternate file links as workarounds on the forums. Please try those and come here and share your experience to help others get this cool update.

It looks to be a fun campaign... I'm already finishing up the greens in Stadium... going to work those first so I can open the Black track and get the ability to see the author medal times/ghosts.

Happy Thanksgiving... thanks Nadeo for making it even better! GG


Anonymous said...

I used the alternate install on my Win 7 machine and it worked great.


BigBadMrT said...

I also used the alternate install after getting errors in Vista. Worked like a champ! (Haven't tried them yet but I now see them as an option)