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11 April 2011

TrackMania 2 - Canyon: To Be Unveiled at Gamers Assembly 2011

See the official (translated) article

Ubisoft announced today the presence of Nadeo at Gamers Assembly 2011 (translated).
This will be the stage for the unveiling of the official trailer for TrackMania 2: Canyon.

They will also unveil "ManiaPlanet" - the core community engine that TrackMania 2, and later ShootMania and QuestMania will be built upon.

Nadeo's developers will be haivng a Q&A session where fans will be able to ask questions that have been pressing on the minds of TrackMania fans worldwide for several years; and I am highly anticipating the amounts of information that will be released about this highly anticipated game very soon.

I'm hoping we won't have to wait long after Gamers Assembly 2011 to buy and play the game.  And if you're following Nadeo's A.R.G. for TrackMania 2, you'll see that nearly all puzzle pieces have been compiled by the community (4 left at the time of this writing):

TM2: Canyon - First look (4 piece left)
This picture is looking pretty hot, and if it's any indicator of what lies ahead, we certainly won't be disappointed.

More after 23 April!!!

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