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28 April 2012

Dungeon Defenders: Aquanos Update Not Working (SOLVED)

Many gamers that love Dungeon Defenders were disappointed the other day after Steam downloaded the Aquanos update.  Many would try to launch the Aquanos map from their Tavern, see the game trying to load the map, then get kicked back out to the Multiplayer list screen that would allow them to select a game to join.

I found a fix on Steam's forums that worked for me, and have blogged detailed instructions at That One Tech Support Site.

The fix involves closing Steam, renaming the ClientRegistry.blob file in the Steam installation directory, relaunching Steam (forcing a recreation of the ClientRegistry.blob file and a download of the latest Steam Client Update.  You then verify the integrity of the game's cache files ... close and relaunch Steam again, then test your issue to see if it is fixed.

I hope it works for you like it did me.

This fix may work for other games you have issues with after updates as well.

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