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02 April 2012

Nitronic Rush - Racing Survival Game from DigiPen Students

Nitronic Rush
(borrowed from the Nitronic Rush homepage)
Hey Gamers!
Dragonfly (Duane) told me about this game today called Nitronic Rush.  It is a project developed at DigiPen; a technology/gaming school.

PC Gamer referred to it as "the lovechild of Tron, TrackMania and Transformers"

Story mode - flight
It's pretty cool looking... Shawn (Ender) and I checked it out for a few minutes with the keyboard.  It's a little hard to control with a KB, but could be really fun with a gamepad.  I don't know that it has multiplayer, but it has leaderboards we could compete with each other on.

It appears to have a story mode and competitive mode.

Give it a test run and see what you think!  Fans of TrackMania will most likely find enjoyment in this title.  Kudos to the developers that created the game!

Takin' some air...

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