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25 July 2012

Platform Comes to the Canyon

Today Nadeo unveiled Platform mode for TrackMania 2: Canyon.  Platform existed in Canyon's predecessor, TrackMania United (and TrackMania United Forever.)

I'm super excited to see how they pulled it off, especially considering the way the Canyon car handles differently than the Island and Stadium cars from United.

To get it, do the following:
  • Launch ManiaPlanet
  • Download the update
  • Restart ManiaPlanet
  • Click on Canyon and download its client update.
  • Restart ManiaPlanet one more time.
  • Click an empty station (TV with clouds on it) and select the Platform title (see screenshot above)
  • Click on the newly loaded Platform station and enjoy!
A new dedicated server will be released tonight or tomorrow to support the new mode.  It will be fun to see how it goes online!


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