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02 November 2012

ShootMania: Storm Release Date and Beta 2 Announced Today

... And lastly, Nadeo announced today a 23 January 2013 release date for ShootMania: Storm!

Looks like we're getting grappling hooks and wall-jumps in this next beta phase, coming soon!
Check out the video and see the grapple in-action.  Unfortunately it's REALLY close-up.  I can't wait to see it for real.

Looking forward to seeing how it enhances the existing maps we know and love, and to see what kinds of crazy new maps we'll see after it is released.

I'm looking forward to Royal Team mode too.

So if you haven't already experienced ShootMania, go get it at the discounted rate and jump into the beta with us!  Cause once 23 January hits, the price is going up to $20.00 ...

And make sure to check out our Team FNG servers in the USA | Utah zone.  We will see you there!

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