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05 June 2015

Fond FragDolls Farwell

It's official.  Ubisoft has decided to retire the Frag Dolls team.  This video was put together by Daze and includes many, if not all of the Frag Dolls' alumni.  We're sorry to see them go, but know that they are doing awesome things: advancing their careers, education etc.

We are grateful for the time the Frag Dolls spent with the Friday Night Gamers, especially during the ShootMania Launch and TrackMania 10th LANniversary events!  ThatOneGuy is especially thankful for the opportunities he had to meet some of the Dolls in-person at PAX Prime 2012 Seattle, and during his recent trip to San Francisco.

We wish each Frag Doll continued success and happiness in the different endeavors you pursue.  Thanks for a fun ride!

(Oh, and we still expect you to play ShootMania and TrackMania with us in the future sometime.  You can't escape that easily!)   ^_^

Good Game Dolls!

1 comment:

That One Guy said...

And the awesome "Boo vs Angel" t-shirt Ashley Jenkins (JINX) is wearing at 1:00 is epic! I must acquire one. Don't blink!