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15 June 2015

TrackMania Turbo - Coming 27 Nov 2015!

Alright Friday Night Gamers... get ready!

Nadeo and Ubisoft revealed today at E3 TrackMania Turbo, a $19.99 title that looks to be comprised of all TrackMania 2 environments enhanced (Canyon, Stadium and Valley), and features a brand new environment called Lagoon Rollercoaster!

Lagoon Rollercoaster
The new environment for
TrackMania Turbo
If we are honored to be a part of an alpha or beta, we will DEFINITELY be playing this for our traditional Turkey Bowl LAN party in November... if not, we'll have to play it after when it is released on 27 Nov 2015!

I will be contacting Nadeo to get more information, especially to find out if the platforms will all be able to play together and to see if Turbo will be a title pack available through ManiaPlanet or only through the Uplay store.  (It better be standalone through ManiaPlanet!!!)

Stay tuned!!!  For now, enjoy the trailer!
TrackMania Turbo - Announcement Trailer - E3 2015


That One Guy said...

Official E3 2015 Ubisoft Reveals
Watch at 55:50 to see the TrackMania Turbo reveal! (The TrackMania reveal portion of the video is appropriate for all ages; but I advise parents to beware of other content in this broadcast. Some material is for mature audiences only. You have been warned)

That One Guy said...

The TrackMania reveal ends at 1:01:15 for those that don't care to see any of the rest.