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26 November 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008 - Second Edition

Turkey Bowl 2008 - Second Edition
Friday 28 November 2008; 11:00pm
(Feel free to meet earlier for practice if you like)

If you don't already have them, you'll need the following 2 track packs from the FNG website:
Turkey Bowl 2008 Track Pack
lanparty.exe track pack

We took the 4 most fun nationals tracks from this year's Turkey Bowl LAN Party and coupled them with the most popular FNG favorites for what will be an incredible second showdown for 2008. Be there, or be roosted.

Cross Step
Crossed Streets
Dead Man's Pass
Funky Flyer SE
Mackheu Basin
Mosquito Hill
Pepsi Max

Halfgrand Playground

Tag Arena 3

Please leave a comment if you can make it!


That One Guy said...

I'll be there... and I'd better not get TIMERED!!!

Jarin Blackham said...

HEY-O! I'll be there too! And I'll probably get timered!

Heads up! Pure for PC is 19.99 with free shipping at Amazon today!


Anonymous said...

I am going to try to make it too!
Viva La FNG!

That One Guy said...


Beuchety and Toxic both mentioned on IM that they'd be trying to make it too.

I also asked d60dfath3r; he may also be playing.

Should be a fun tourney! It will be nice to have you back, Mark... we missed you at the LAN party.