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19 May 2017

Team FNG TrackMania Servers Down for a Bit / ShootMania Server Still Live

Hey Friday Night Gamers and Friends!

The new ManiaPlanet 4 updates are pretty awesome, but extensive.  This means maps for our servers must be recomputed and I haven't had time to do so yet, with the exception of ShootMania.  I have 12 maps recomputed and working with our new TeamFNG_Royal script that works on the Royal title pack now.

We have officially moved the mode over to the Royal ladder/title pack and are still a 90k server.  The script needs a few kinks worked out (like getting our emblem back on the pole and spawn points) - and I still need to test to be sure the laser is one-hit eliminations.  We also need to figure out a way to get nukes auto-switched in the tunnels again (they disabled that in MP4).  I may forego fixing that depending on the feedback we get from the players on our server.

Our TrackMania servers will be down until I get a chance to start recomputing some maps -- since we keep a lot of nostalgia tracks, I'm certain I will be the one needing to recompute them.  I'll also pull more down from ManiaExchange AS we get the server spun back up.  It might be a couple of weeks to get the old ones going again.

I will also be spinning up a Lagoon server, and we will have the TM2 Title Pack server (which will host all 4 environments in one) after next week when Lagoon is released.

I'm excited to see if we can get some maps made for our Royal server that have TrackMania cars in them too.  If you make one, please let us know so we can share it on our server!

Stay tuned... more ManiaPlanet goodness to come...

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