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20 May 2017

TrackMania 2 Canyon and Stadium Servers Back Online

I as able to get the TrackMania 2 Canyon and Stadium servers back online today, without XAseco2 (which means no records and map jukebox for now.)

Also, I had to recompute maps so there are limited sets of maps on each server for now.  We'll add more back as we go along.

My goal now is to revive the Valley server and get prepped for Lagoon next week.  After Lagoon is released and I have a standalone server for it, I will revive the TM2 Title Pack server as well (which will allow us to play all 4 TM2 environments on the same server.)

After all that is complete, I will assess which Server Controllers have caught up with the ManiaPlanet 4 (MP4) updates and see which might be the best to run on our servers.

Some of the slight tweaks in the Stadium and Canyon physics take a little bit of getting used to, but I'm finding most of the older maps that I tested on our servers are as easy, and potentially easier to drive than before.  None of them became unplayable after the MP4 changes.

Enjoy!  More to come...

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