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09 May 2017

TrackMania 2 Lagoon Coming 23 May!!! ManiaPlanet 4 Available Today!!!

Nadeo and Ubisoft made my day today!

Ubisoft announced today that the Lagoon environment is finally coming to ManiaPlanet!  Mark your calendars... 23 May.  I don't know pricing yet... stay tuned.


And get amped... the ManiaPlanet 4 update has a bundle of awesome new things available for map and mod makers, including wallriding for ShootMania (see "Power Paths"), TrackMania cars in (can be weaponized depending on the mod), turrets, shields and new weapons in ShootMania.  It is packed with all kinds of goodness.

Another exciting thing for Team FNG is that I've figured out how to get our TeamFNG_Royal mode to actually run under the Royal title pack where it belongs now.  I'm pretty excited to see how that goes.

One bummer is that they've disabled the default switching to nucleus weapon in ShootMania when you are in a tunnel.  That will make some of our classic maps not as fun, but we'll see if we can figure out how to get our TeamFNG_Royal mode to still honor that mechanic.  Might take some time, but we'll try to keep that "Pre-Beta2" classic mode we've always had on our server.

I'm looking forward to other fun things awaiting us in the new ManiaPlanet.

You will notice some slight changes in physics and handling in the existing TrackMania 2 cars, but I think you'll enjoy it.

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